Thursday, August 1, 2013

Second Grade Curriculum for 2013-2014

Language Arts

Reading:  a lot of books, book list is coming soon

Phonics: Abeka Letters and Sounds 2
               Explode the Code 7&8
               Beyond the Code 2,3, 4

Spelling: SWR  (last year we used WRTR which is a great program, but I find that the WISE Guide very helpful, so we switched)

Vocabulary:  SRA Building Vocabulary Skills level 2

LanguageAbeka Language 2   and FLL2

Literature:  Memoria Press Second Grade Literature analysis guide
                   The Courage of Sarah Noble
                   Little House in the Big Woods
                   Mr. Popper's Penguins 
                   Te Talesof Beatrix Potter

Memorization/Recitation: Memoria Press Second Grade Memorization list
                                           Gyo Fujikawa "A Child's Book of Poems"  

WritingNew American Cursive 2 
                PAL Writing (the 3rd part)
                Writing With Ease 2


Right Start Math C
Singapore 2A, 2B , IP, CWP


Story of the World 1, Ancient Times plus other historical fiction that ties in with SOTW
Our America


US States Study
Blob mapping


Real Science Odyssey Life
The Young Scientist Club Kits

Piano Lessons
Composer Study
Artist Study
Deep Space Sparkle Art Projects
Draw Write Now


Prima Latina
R & S Spanish Nivel 1

Tennis, Soccer, Swimming


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