Katy and the Big Snow

Our adventure with Katy was very dry.  Here in Nevada we rarely have snow, only if we go tho Mount Charleston :)  But we did our study and it was fun!

The story is about Katy, a big red crawler tractor who saves the day when a huge snowstorm hits the city. With her big snow plow on, Katy responds to cries of “Help!” from the police chief, the doctor, the superintendent of the Water Department, the fire chief and others with “Follow me,” and plows the streets to their destinations.

Social Studies: Running a city, Responsibilities, Street Signs, Map Skills

We did all sorts of activities with the city officials, our responsibilities, street signs.

We do regular Map skills activities, but here we refreshed our knowledge of the cardinal directions:

 Language: Character, Vocabulary

 We spoke about Katy's character, what she did, her characteristics and finishes the Language session with the new vocabulary words.

Science: Weather
During science we learned about different weather patterns.

We draw our own geopolis :)
 And that concludes our Katy and the Big Snow FIAR study.

Resources and Inspirational sites:

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