Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Math Program

I love math, and know how important MATH is, no matter what.  Many people are afraid of Math because of bad experience, or luck of good teacher.  Well MATH is like any other language, you have to learn it and build up your knowledge step by step like you learn phonics, reading, writing.  Mathematics is not more difficult than any other subject.
So I found this extraordinary website where you practically have a whole Math program free: free teaching manual.  The idea is based on Hungarian teaching concept, Hungarians have one of the highest standards in Mathematics.  The program is called Mathematics Enhancement Programme and it is used in British Schools.  I love the whole approach to teaching Math, it is very important to tech playfully and enjoyably.
Primary stage or Reception year refers to Kindergarten year, and year 1 refers to Grade 1, etc...Mathematics Enhancement Program.  They even have Spanish version of this Math Program.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Week two review

I cannot emphasize enough how good the OPR teaching method is.  Currently we are at Lesson #54, digraph ng.  Also, we went over the Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten set and G did it instantly.  It was no brainer for him.  We wiil continue with the First Grader set and see where they are compared to OPR.

G also read several small stories, that makes him more and more comfortable reading.
With Explode the code we finished the first three lessons, words with a.

We just started All About Spelling and it goes well so far.  More on it later.

We do regular lessons from Handwriting without tears, just finishes Capital B.

In Singapore math K edition we finished chapter 13, will start chapter 14.

In Worldy Wise 300 K we are at the middle of lesson 2. It is fun :)

We started with Renoir study,  paintings, books on Renoir
Renoir and the Boy with the Long Hair
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Renoir: Art Activity Pack

Piano lessons

We just got Scholastic Success with Maps and Places around Me.  We are ding both simultaneously because it is fun.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings/ Kindergarten Curriculum for Spring 2012

Although G attends Montessori School PreK during the day, we always did extracurricular at home.  He is more advanced and I do not think that this interferes with what he does in school. 

Kindergarten Curriculum for Spring 2012

Reading (Phonics)

Supplemental reading:  Lots of books, My first I can Read books, Bob Books, Progressive phonics, Usborne Phonics Readers, Beehive Reader...


  • HWT K – Letters and Numbers for Me:  3x/week; G's handwriting is behind compared to other subjects, he knows all his letters, but like a boy he spends more time with his toys than sitting and writing :) 



 We love Singapore Math Kindergarten  4x/week.We use both the activity book and the supplemental books.  They are both helpful and help in mastering the subject.  Repetition is the key.

Besides this we always play, count in everyday life.


We use Wordly Wise 3000 K 3x/week.The lessons are very colorful on enjoyable, G loves it.


We haven't started it yet, but soon will Story Of The World





We started The Complete Writer: Writing with Ease   that we incorporate with our readings.  We do not follow the exact books the book recommends.  We also do Writeshop Primary A occasionally.  For G this is very good introductory to start with.  At school they do some writing too.


G is in a English/Spanish immersion program at the Montessori school.  He knows a lot of Spanish words, expressions.  We plan to do some Spanish K workbooks that will be fun.


G is attending Suzuki piano classes one on one since last fall that we will continue.  We also listen to some classical music while on the road.


We started some Geography Workbooks too  Maps, Charts, Graphs level A   and Scholasti Success Workbook along with A Child's introduction to The World book.