Monday, March 22, 2010

Week of March 15-19 Activities

We followed quite well our last week’s schedule and did more or less all the activities I planned.

Language: we learned letter M, and followed some Montessori activities: sand paper letter M m, match object to pictures, learned new words with letter M, also did some Confessions of a Homeschooler letter of the week activities, learned some rhyming words, activity words with picture match. We also did from the Get Ready for the Code the letter M section.

Sensorial: did knobbed cylinder blocks 3, pink tower and one of the extension cards, geometric solids sphere and cube, also matched shapes.

Practical: our practical activities go quite well, spooning beans, thronging pom-poms, pouring lentils, pouring water, also pouring water through funnel, funneling solids, sorting by size and color.

Math: did some math counting, number matching, picture to number matching.

Animals: we learned about monkeys since we learned letter M last week, and matched mini monkeys and apes (Monkeys and Apes) to monkey pictures.

Art: we try to draw an animal each week for the “I can draw animals” book by Usborne.

Gross motor skills: play ground, monkey bar, visited and hiked a trail at a local state park.

After all it was quite a productive week.

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