Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Beginnings

It is hard to believe that January and February is over.  March first we started our new curriculum with my son.  We just finished getting over the alphabet that we started last September.  From now on we follow a  sort of Montessori Language development, sensorial, math and culture curriculum.  However, there are many extra activities that we do and are nor Montessori. 
This week we started letter R, sandpaper letter R, tracing letter R in sandbox, all sorts of object matching activities, that begin with letter R.  We also used Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter R activities.  Learned about the Rabbit as  social studies activities.  George enjoyed the Rabbit Lapbook that I prepared for him. 
He also got a Rainforest Toob animal set.  He loves animals. 
His Handwriting got better since we started tracing lines and letters and numbers since last September thank to the different fine motor skills activities.
As for reading:  we read a lot.  The new book introduced this week is: The Velveteen Rabbit, which he adored. 

Imagination is part of our everiday life.  Quite ofted George imagines things and talks about being in the middle of a jungle and sees animals walking or jumping around him :)

We aslo do a lot of math activites, by counting, sorting, matching numbers.
I hope my blogging skills will get better soon, so I would be able to attach pictures and more graphics.

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